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At DRIVE, our vision is to honor God and strengthen our neighbor by uniting churches to bring urban youth into the kingdom, teaching them to obey and follow Jesus Christ. We are a Christian afterschool program dedicated to serving low-income, at-risk youth residing in under-resourced neighborhoods. 


Our students face the unique challenges of growing up in areas with high crime and unemployment rates. DRIVE addresses these issues by offering programming that includes a nutritious dinner, engaging gospel presentations, transformative small group discussions, and recreational activities. Additionally, we provide a safe and nurturing environment where young hearts and minds are shaped by the love and truth of Jesus Christ.


As we strive to make a lasting impact, we also host monthly worship and prayer nights to encourage an intimate connection with God. Moreover, DRIVE provides meaningful events such as uplifting concerts, empowering day retreats, educational field trips, and special initiatives like shoe, backpack, and food giveaways. Every event creates a unique opportunity to encounter Jesus. 


To ensure the success and sustainability of DRIVE’s vision, we desire to partner with local churches who will take ownership of discipling youth in their respective communities. Our goal is to unite dedicated believers who are willing to serve as mentors, teachers, volunteers, and site directors. By joining forces, we have the opportunity to impact the lives our youth and witness their transformation firsthand. As one body, we can share resources while working together to accomplish God’s plan for our city. 


As we come together in purpose, walking alongside our youth, instilling in them a sense of identity, commitment, and passion for following Jesus Christ, we can empower them to thrive and bring about positive change in our communities. 

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